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Worst Offseason Ever… Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Posted by mrgenre in Acquisitions, Offseason.
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I’m sufficiently rattled, as every good Mariners fan should be, by our team’s lackluster achievements so far this offseason. If Bavasi was just trying to hurt himself here (which he’s doing a fine job of), that’s one thing, but to cripple our franchise is another.Let’s break down these moves so far:

As most baseball analysts are putting it, we were basically “fleeced” in our dealings with the Braves, giving up star reliever Rafael Soriano for southpaw Horacio Ramirez, a third-tier starter at his BEST.

We signed Jose Guillen to right field for 5.5 mil plus incentives, a move most northwest columnists are choosing to see as a “guy with a big upside,” while the national media didn’t seem to notice it even happening.

We have reportedly (although if Batista is calling it, then it happened) signed Miguel Batista to a three year deal, inking the Mariners back into the nursing home once again, after a year that finally saw our team with a respectable average age.

We picked up a Rule V draftee from the Pirates for a little cash, which basically means when he doesn’t make the club this spring we get to send him back to the Braves (his original team) and pay them 25 grand just for playing with him a little while.

These moves aside, I think what really gets to each and every Mariners fan is the moves that didn’t happen. There were those of us who dreamed of a starting five that included Kei Igawa and Jason Schmidt prior to the winter meetings. Many were itching at the thought of signing a perennial slugger like Barry Bonds or Frank Thomas to DH.

My personal pick for worst move that didn’t happen so far? Jason Jennings.

He was traded from the Rockies to the Astros today for a center-fielder and two good pitching prospects. It was rumored that in their search for someone to rove the grounds at Coors’ Field, they were interested in Jeremy Reed, a player who at best next season for us (thanks to a few poor sessions at the plate and Ichiro shifting a little to his right) will make the starting roster in Tacoma. And starting pitching prospects? Prospects we have. Major leaguers we don’t. This is the trade that Bavasi should have jumped on. This is the trade that would have kept him in Seattle. And now, aside from some stellar Richie Sexson for an ace move that no one has forseen, Bavasi is likely gone after next season (if not earlier) and thanks to him, Hargrove will also likely get the boot.

You’ve still got my heart, Mariners, but when the only thing that has made me smile this offseason is watching Toronto pay millions for Gil Mess, the thoughts of Ramirez and Batista mowing down batters at Safeco won’t quite keep me warm this winter.



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