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Vidro to Free Up Possibilities Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Posted by jkcmason in Acquisitions, Jose Vidro, Mariners, Offseason.
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Looks like the Mariners have made another move acquiring Jose Vidro from the Nationals for the young talent of Chris Snelling and Emiliano Fruto. This move doesn’t make since with the current Mariners infield, all it could do would be to set us up for another trade. Vidro has experience at 1st base, 2nd base, and 3rd base. 1st base has already been the focus of rumors with Broussard headed to the Orioles, and Sexson headed to either the Giants or the Yankees. Acquiring Vidro allows the Mariners to give serious thought to trading Adrian Beltre, or Jose Lopez.

The most important goal of the Mariners in the off-season was to acquire a “top end” starter, unless by some means you would consider Horacio Ramirez or Miguel Batista on the top end of things, the Mariners have fallen short. There are some top end starters that are rumored to be available via trade. That list would include the likes of Tim Hudson, Brad Penny, Dan Haren, Jon Garland, Dontrelle Willis, and Mark Buerhle. Without bringing in a third team to the deal the most likely acquisition would be Dan Haren. Tim Hudson isn’t as likely due to the fact that the Braves have already dealt a starting pitcher in Ramirez. Mark Buerhle and Jon Garland are also less likely to be dealt after the recent move sending Freddy Garcia to the Phillies. D-Train would be a great fit for the Mariners to trade for, but it still isn’t likely that he is even on the block with Florida’s GM repeatedly quoted as saying otherwise. Brad Penny is on a team that the Mariners could deal with, but the Dodgers strengths are close to the same as the Mariners. Richie Sexson – Nomar Garciaparra, Jose Lopez – Jeff Kent, and Adrian Beltre – Wilson Betimit, Andy LaRoche.

Even with Dan Haren being the most likely conclusion, there are still problems in dealing for him. First and foremost is that the A’s aren’t likely to trade within their own division. Another strike against the deal is that Oakland is also not prone to take a large contract like Richie Sexson or Adrian Beltre. This would leave a combo deal likely to involve Jose Lopez and center fielder Jeremy Reed, who Billy Beane is reported to covet.

Of these pitchers rumored to be on the block I would most like Bill Bavasi to push for Dontrelle Willis. D-Train is a young top end Starter that throws with charisma. He would easily win the fan base over in Seattle even if it does take him some time to adjust to the American League. That doesn’t make it any more likely that the Marlins are willing to part with him, but I had to get my opinion out there some how.



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