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New Mariners Snowed Over Wednesday, April 11, 2007

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It wasn’t just a four day blizzard that kept the M’s from playing the last week. The team was also held back by almost every one of its new offseason acquisitions. Now before I start individually picking on each fresh Mariner (oh, and I intend to), I should point out that few, if any, Mariners are off to a great start in ’07, and also that it’s difficult to judge a whole season by only one cycle through our starting rotation… but isn’t that what blogs do best?

2-2 in four games isn’t awful, but it’s not phenomenal either and only a blizzard kept us from finishing five innings of no-hit baseball last Friday in Cleveland.

I realize nobody but Ichiro’s producing so far, but let’s have a look at the stat lines of our new Mariners, shall we?

Jose Vidro – 1 hit in 15, 1 walk, no rbi’s, no runs, nada…
Jose Guillen – 2 hits in 12, 2 runs, no rbi’s, 1 walk, 6 k’s

I realize that we’ve only got Ichiro, Ibanez and Sexon (yes even Sexon) above the Mendoza line so far this year, but a combined average of .100 for our new golden boys?

Pitching, though, right? That’s where we invested our payroll! Okay, so how about our new boys in the ‘pen?

Sean White – 2.70 in 3+ innings with a k, okay…
Brandon Morrow – 9.00 in 2 with 3 walks
Chris Reitsma – 4.5 in 2 with a k…
Okay what abour Rhodes? Oh, right, sent down on the DL. His replacement?
Jake Woods – 13.5 in 2 with 3 walks… um…

Okay, so forget the ‘pen. They’ll come around. How about those three new starters we put money in, huh?

Miguel Batista – 15.43 ERA in 4.2 innings with 5 k’s, 2 walks and a bean, okay…
Horacio Ramirez – 9.00 ERA in 4 innings… wait… wipe that, snowed out…
Jeff Weaver – 31.50 ERA in 2 innings with 2 walks and a k

So, what’s the good news, then, huh?

Well, Jamie Burke hasn’t commited an error in 2 innings of work behind the plate and last minute acquisition Jason Ellison is batting 1.000! So that should bring our team average up to…


So, here’s hoping tonight’s headline begins: “Ichiro and Dice-K Square Off” and ends with “King Felix Dominates, Ichiro Homers Twice”

Let’s shake it up, Mariners! We’ve got some baseball to play!

Line of the Week:
It just has to go to Felix’s last start…
8.0 innings, 3 hits, 0 runs, 2 walks, 12 k’s

Bust of the Week:
So many choices, but I’d have to pick yesterday with World Series Champ Jeff Weaver…

2.0 innings, 7 hits, 7 runs, 2 walks, 1 k

He managed 38 strikes in 70 pitches and remember, hits count as strikes.