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Tidbits Tuesday, May 22, 2007

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It’s been an interesting few weeks for the M’s, and I’m tired and it’s late, so this is all you get…

We lost three pitchers:
Julio Mateo was awkwardly optioned to AAA after sending his wife to the emergency room and skipping a game against the Yankees.
Jeff Weaver (0-6) was finally shot, forcing his placement on the 15 day DL.
Arther Rhodes 2007 season is caput.

We gained one:
Felix came back and is slowly gaining his form back after two starts: 8.2 innings, 5 runs, 14 k’s.

Well… two:
We shipped up Eric O’Flaherty.

Fine… three:
We acquired Jason “Botox” Davis (I’m sorry, look at his photo) from the Indians for practically nothing.

Ichiro got his swing back: batted .260 on May 6th, .325 by May 22nd.

Richie got benched… finally: although, he’s 3 for 7 with 2 RBI in the two games since his “vacation.”

We now have three hitters with stable batting averages over .300 (and two weren’t expected): Ichiro .325, Kenji .317 and Vidro .314

Ichiro lost his near-major league record-breaking streak of 45 straight stolen bases, but responded by snagging 6 bases in the next three games.

Jarrod, yes Jarrod Washburn is now tied as our “wins” leader with 4 after taking Tampa Bay down a notch with over 6 innings of one-run baseball.
The other 4-win phenom?
Horacio Ramirez is 4-2 with a 6.10 ERA
While Washburn is 4-4 with 3.15
How lame is that?

Oh, and our best tidbit?
Our current ‘pen has a 2.98 ERA and is 5-1. And Putz is 11 saves for 11 opportunities.

…which is nice, considering our starters (which doesn’t include Jeff “World Series Champion” Weaver) are 4.74 with a 14-14 record.

And lastly, are the Mariners leaders in any AL team categories?
Glad you asked.

We’re last in games played – 41. Thanks, Cleveland.
We’re last in walks – 94 (Boston has 194).
We’re last in strikeouts – 189 (no no, offensive strikeouts! It’s a good one!)
We’re last in sacrifice flies – 6 (LA has 16).
We’re last in sacrifice hits – 1 (O’s have 14).

We’re tied for the most complete games – 3.
We’re first in shutouts – 4.
We’re first in least homeruns given up – 29 (Tampa gave up 59).

Yeah, that’s about it…

The good news is we’re still floating around .500 and Felix hasn’t even hit his stride yet.
Watch out, Halos! Here we come!

Weaver Leads Latest Mariner Offensive Friday, May 4, 2007

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Despite the recent offensive surge on behalf of some of the other Mariners the last couple weeks, I think it’s important to understand that Mr. Jeff Weaver is putting them all to shame.

In only 65 at bats, Weaver is hitting .477 with 2 homers, 23 RBIs and has an OBP over .500

for the other team.

Yes, it took me a couple minutes to figure that out, but it was well worth it for my own entertainment.

Look for Weaver to improve on those stats tonight as he takes on the Bronx Bombers in NY.

That is all.