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All Star Game Woes Monday, July 14, 2008

Posted by mrgenre in Mariners.
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So for a change of pace, rather than rant about my annoyances with the Mariners, I’m going to move toward the summer classic. Now, there are many of you out there who, like me, hold fond memories of punching out ballots at a ball game in June, hoping that you could get your favorite local players into the All Star game. I remember voting for guys like Alvin Davis, Jim Presley and Harold Reynolds as many times as I could. The All Star game used to be a place for the most popular players of the day to strut their stuff in front of all of the MLB, but changes after the 2002 debacle (I’m sure you all remember the Bud Selig-called tie) have made this event a bane to every true fan’s enjoyment of the rest of the season.

Here are the problems…

#1: The All Star game actually matters now. Thanks to Mr. Selig, it matters a lot. When you only play 7 games in the World Series, and you generally only post 4 starting pitchers, home field advantage means a lot. It’s huge. It means everything!!! So, rather than finding a fair way to decide who gets home field advantage (and keep in mind that this is coming from an AMERICAN league fan who is used to winning the summer classic), we’re going to arbitrarily decide who wins. Rather than having the BEST players play against each other in the All Star game, we instead…

#2: allow baseball FANS to choose which players get to defend their chance at a home field advantage! Now, as I stated above, I love the old popularity contest. It was always fun to see the players that we wanted to see, not necessarily the players with the best seasons so far (or last year). We wanted the greats! But when the greats generally entail a bunch of overweight has-beens, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will get to field the best players from each league. It should be chosen by the players and the managers. After all, they’re the ones who want home field advantage. The average fan is an idiot (and yes, I’m including a couple of my all-Mariner ballots as proof that I’m an average fan).

#3: Even if we abolished the home field advantage, and went back to the good ol’ days of the popularity contest, the all star game is still a lost cause. I can’t peg for sure that it’s the online voting that’s thrown the whole thing off (although you can’t deny that letting only paying baseball fans vote might help), but looking specifically at the fan-voted AL reps, we begin to see a trend emerge. Can you see it? Yes that’s right, the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox have taken over. Now, I can’t deny that in a popularity contest, the most popular teams will usually have more players, but Red Sox Nation is beginning to piss me off. There are so many legitimate Sox fans out there, and they’ve been forced to join in with a bunch of hayseed, fair-weather fans who don’t give a rip about the game. Now, give those Red Sox that have earned their popularity a free ticket to the Bronx, but come on! This is getting ridiculous! This time next year, we’ll have pitchers and reserves from 13 different teams and only 2 teams in the starting 8!

Now, I could continue this list and rank on the number of relief pitchers chosen, or the fact that Selig’s an idiot, but I’m going to stop here. Here’s hoping the AL wins on the off chance the M’s make it to the series this year, but I can tell you one thing… if the AL wins, it won’t be because they were represented by the best players from the league, or that they beat the best the NL has to offer.



1. diddle skillet - Tuesday, July 15, 2008

hey, what the hell is this? i thought this was a site about cooking in the PNW and it’s all about some odd form of american cricket. how bogus!

2. mrgenre - Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sorry, P-Diddle. I hear Bavasi has a great recipe for getting his ass out of the fire. Last time he made it, though, it was a little too well done.

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