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This All Star Game Is Uggly! Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Posted by mrgenre in Mariners.
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Yeah, I know it’s cheesy, but I just had to be the first to get that headline in. As I write this, the game has headed into the 14th inning, and I imagine as I finish it (or hope, anyway), the game will fall to conclusion. So what’s the news in this game? What have we learned?

Well, we learned that Dan Uggla hasn’t particularly enjoyed the spotlight. He just finished gaining his third error, on a legitimately difficult hop mind you, but three errors is still three errors…

We learned that Aaron Cook is the National League’s savior. Granted, there were a couple amazing defensive gems (that didn’t include Uggla) that helped keep the NL in it the last couple innings, but Cook’s three stellar frames to help out his coach should definitely make him an MVP candidate… although we’ve just elapsed into the fifteenth…

We learned that Terry Francona doesn’t know what he’s doing. Granted, he’s got some pitching restrictions imposed by whatever the heck this Kazmir restriction thing is, and I have no problem with using George Sherrill to take out a lefty as he was used, but when you’re down to just a couple pitchers, you have to take their ability to take you deep into an extra inning game into consideration, and unlike this sentence, you Mariner fans out there know that Sherrill can’t go the distance. It will be interesting to see what happens as the game drags on and the AL is out of both pitchers and bench players.

We learned that Clint Hurdle, and most NL managers, know how to move their players around. Hurdle STILL has a bench player available in case of an injury (okay, scratch that, he just brought in McCann). He gets it!

And what’s the best part of this game? Unlike 2002, Bud Selig can’t call it a tie! (with a mocking tone) “It matters now.” So as we wind down, and I begin to pack up my laptop and cuddle in for a couple more innings of baseball, we’re left with the possibility of a team forfeiting for lack of players, or an injury, or out of exhaustion, or because they “don’t want to mess up their swing” or whatever host of possible excuses might come out of these big babies mouths.

So, I’m off to bed without conclusion, but I will sleep happily tonight, knowing that Yankee fans are tired and up way past their bedtimes. God it’s good to be on the west coast.

Go NL!! (It’s not like the M’s will need a home field advantage)



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