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5,000 Games, Any Improvement? Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Posted by mrgenre in Mariners.

Evidently the Mariners completed their five thousandth game this afternoon. They also lost their 2,644th game (or so… my quick addition didn’t end up adding to 5,000 with these stats, but trust me, reputable sources like CBS Sports and MLB wouldn’t steer me wrong). Before I get to our current season numbers, let’s check out the percentages by decade.

The 2000’s to date: 729-667 .550

The 1990’s: 764-787 .490

The 80’s: 673-893 .430

And… the three years of Mariner baseball in the 70’s: 187-297 .390

Looks like improvement to me, no?

But season by season, our current 38-63 (.376) isn’t quite as wonderful. Even though we’re still a couple more losing series away from that dismal 56-104 (.350) season of 1978, at .376, we’re the third lowest in Mariner history (second is .364 (59-103). And yes, if you were curious, we are on pace to lose 100 games, 101 actually, which has happened only three times previously.

Check out the history of our wonderful organization here thanks to my good friends at baseball-reference.com



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