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Washburn-Mania!! Thursday, July 31, 2008

Posted by mrgenre in Mariners.
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Who knew that sitting quietly on his thumbs all year long was a potential 2008 Trade Deadline Frenzy-Fest Player of the Year in lil’ Jarrod Washburn? I’d spend a lot of time on this: grabbing all the latest links, keeping up on the latest rumors, but what’s the point, really? MLBTradeRumors.com is a superior site. I can admit that. Dierkes is all over this stuff. So, rather than be one of those blogs that just reprints all his stuff, check out the only true source for the most actually up-to-date info on these things. Here’s a direct link for today’s Washburn rumors as they came in this morning, or keep monitoring the Mariners Rumor page tomorrow morning for the latest scoop.

So what’s the synopsis on this? What will happen? What’s my take on these rambunctious rumors? We’ve got three things that will happen here:

1: A team OTHER THAN the Yankees will nab Washburn tomorrow morning. Why not the Bombers? Because this truly is a game of chicken. The M’s will hold out (unless Bavasi (or his spirit) returns), and the Yankees won’t give any more than they’ve already offered. Why not? This is a George Bush-like stubborness we’re talking here, and it’s about always getting the “better” deal. Have you EVER heard of the Yankees caving in to another squad’s offer? Ever? And even if they were close to caving privately, as soon as it hit the papers that the M’s weren’t cooperating, it GUARANTEED a minimum level of stubborness on the Yankees’ behalf. I’m fairly certain it’s standard operating procedure in all Yankee management contracts.

I see this as the least likely option of the three I will propose here. The White Sox also won’t cave, the Mets won’t cave… the Rockies, as defending NL champs, might…

2: The Yankees will nab Wash before the August deadline. This is also a rare one, as it involves just the tiniest bit of capitulating to demands… No other team will bother dealing with this deadline.

3: It will all be a wash… hehe. I know, cheesy. We’ll make this move in the winter. Looking at the bevy of starting pitchers that will be available (yes, this could be another Gil Meche market), and factoring in that a team must finally back down and give up two viable prospects, we’ll revisit this entire issue then.

You’ll note that there is no number four. And that’s because the option that the M’s will hang on to Washburn, risk another season with him and then grab any possible draft picks at its conclusion won’t happen for one main reason: trigger happiness. Either Pelekoudas will pull it early in a panic and a slurry of Jerry Lewis noises, or whoever the M’s hire will want to run a clean slate and will make a large number of moves this winter to shore up those AA and AAA rosters. The odds that the M’s hold on to him: No chance, nada, not gonna happen.


Just for the heck of it, and because I already wrote it, here’s some comments I left on a great Yankee post about this whole deal which might bring enlightenment to those with too much of a… pinstriped perspective.

My initial response:

“‘Basically, the Mariners are going to have to take it or leave it. So, they’ll either accept a salary dump or they’ll eat a substantial portion of Washburn’s contract in order to receive a somewhat “decent” prospect.’

…Or… they don’t do anything at all. I think you and all Yankee fans keep forgetting that they’re the Mariners. They’re perfectly happy sitting on their thumbs and watching the season fall away. It’s not like the M’s can’t afford Wash. I think that Pelekoudas’ thoughts of “something good or no change at all” are the first bright thoughts to cross a Mariner GM’s mind since before the Bavasi era.”

And my second response:

“Now, I’m not saying that Wash is a godsend. He’s barely an MLB starter in my opinion, but I think the national media is overselling the M’s ability to fill a starting 5. Why trade him at all when Rowland-Smith isn’t ready to fill more than 4 innings as a starter, Morrow hasn’t converted yet (and is needed to close with Putz putzing it up this year) and Dickey is just starting to succeed as more than a stop-gap to fill an often-injured rotation.
Bedard’s not going to stop whining for another month, Felix will keep playing ace baseball, Silva can barely pitch four frames himself… I’m just not sure where the M’s are expecting to find more starters to finish this season off, let alone next year. We’re tapped at AAA thanks to that massive Bedard cleanout.
I don’t disagree with your point that Washburn is hightly overrated here, or that his trade value is indeed at its peak. I just question the reasoning for the M’s making a move at all. How does saving a few million bucks or picking up a mediocre prospect improve the Mariners for now OR the future? Don’t forget that they cleared 115 million this year. Even overpaid, Wash may be worth the money just because we have no one else! There’s M’s management for you… always planning ahead.”



1. Sue Massey - Thursday, July 31, 2008

Great post. I will read your posts frequently. Added you to the RSS reader.

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