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The Mariners’ Fantastic Five! Thursday, August 14, 2008

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  You know them, you love them, they were lauded again and again before this season began, but what you might be asking yourself at this point is “what happened to our original starting five?”

  That’s a great question.  Believe it or not, they are all still here.  Next you might ask, “well, so how do they look?”

  That’s another great question.  For followers of this blog, you know how much I love lazy statistics.  So, just to be completely biased as always, let’s compare Seattle’ original starting five rotation against the rest of the pitching staff.  Ready?  Let the hatred begin!

  Our Original Starting Five (Felix, Wash, Bedard, Silva & Batista):

  26-48, 4.72 ERA, 315 ER, 410 k’s, 68 HR in 600.1 IP

  Everybody else who’s pitched this season (Including Jamie Burke’s one-time stint):

  20-26, 4.17 ERA, 219 ER, 379 k’s, 42 HR in 472.1 IP

  So yeah, not exactly a parade of Mariner excellence here, but it’s pretty interesting to see it cut out side by side, eh?  Or maybe it’s just interesting to me.  YAY skewing!



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