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Joey Cora Doesn’t Become M’s Manager! Wednesday, November 19, 2008

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Dont cry, Joey!

Don't cry, Joey!

  In a move that is both shocking and ironic (for the M’s, anyway) in its simplicity, the Mariners decided yesterday to hire someone other than Joey Cora to manage their squad.  Thousands remember the tear-stained jersey of lil’ Joey back in ’95, but for some reason, Zduriencik (hereafter referenced as “Z”) decided it might be a good move to get someone who could actually inspire 26 men to take the field every day.  Although, rumor has it, new manager Wakamatsu (hereafter referenced as “Wacky Don”) might actually limit the number of players who play each day from the usual 17-20 to a more manageable 9-12.  What sorcery is this!?

  Now that a majority of the managerial staff has been set (although who knows who Wacky Don will hire to back himself up), it seems like the Mariners might actually begin focusing on some of the minor gaps in their squad for 2009: pitching and hitting, to start.

  Look for me to whine about players and rumors in the weeks to come as my blog gets to begin again in earnest, until my hopes are likely dashed next May.  Here’s hoping I hold out until at least the All-Star break this year!



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