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Geoff Baker Admits Real Reason For Anti-Edgar Campaign Wednesday, January 5, 2011

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Photo courtesy of Seattle Times

In a surprising move in the local sports blogosphere, Geoff Baker finally came clean about the real reason for his now annual campaign against the Hall of Fame election of Edgar Martinez.

In more than twenty thousand emotional words accidentally posted and then removed from his blog this morning, Baker relayed his intense love for the Seattle designated hitter, and his regret that he cannot support him publicly.

“It pains me to omit him from my ballot yet again, but the reaction it provokes in the Seattle sports community is something that sustains me.  I just can’t live without it,” Baker wrote.

He went on to use most of the post to describe the almost physical gratification he receives from the onslaught of negative comments on his blog.  “It’s the reason I went into sports journalism in the first place,” Baker continued.  “Without it, I’d be just another Canadian pretending to love baseball.  Nobody wants to read what I have to say otherwise.”

Baker also confessed that he was on the verge of being let go by his editor when he noticed the sudden popularity of blogs a few years ago.  Convincing the Times that he could generate a large number of hits to their site, he followed in the footsteps of many popular bloggers, hoping to “infuriate the masses and therefore gain their affection.”

He’s been a popular mainstay in the sports section of the Seattle Times ever since.

Also covering the Mariners beat for the Times is Larry Stone, an award-winning journalist who has been working across the hall from Baker for a few years now.  He wasn’t at all surprised by Baker’s sudden onslaught of emotion this morning.

“He’s a headcase, that’s for sure.  He’s always begging me to show him how to ‘navigate the webs’ as he puts it, to find the latest scoop.  I feel bad for ever writing down the link to [ussmariner.com], as most of his posts these days are just gut reactions against whatever [Dave] Cameron writes,” Stone told us this morning.  “And to top it all off, he doesn’t even really understand baseball.  You should see his cube, all decked out with NHL memorabilia.  It’s sickening, really.”

When called later to get a response to Stone’s comments, Baker was surprised, but kept his usual calm demeanor.

“Larry wouldn’t say that,” Baker screamed.  “He’s my friend.  I mean – no comment!”

The biggest surprise, of course, was that Baker’s comments this morning were in direct contrast to his supposed “case” against Edgar Martinez that he’s maintained all this time, although there were clues in his post on Monday.

“There is a fine line between promoting your own Hall of Fame argument and trying to bully others by calling them names or suggesting ulterior motives behind why they voted the way they did,” Baker wrote in the post immediately before his annual “Anti-Edgar” rant.  “And the absolutists, the group-thinkers and the new Puritans who would tell us all how we should think and act will simply have to get used to [‘us’ not voting for a particular player].  Because, it would appear, no matter how forceful they try to be, folks simply aren’t listening to them.”

Baker’s comments were clearly written to make him feel less guilty about not voting in the way Seattle fans wished him to, and most saw his next post coming.

And for those Geoff Baker fans out there, there’s no reason to worry.  His annual post garnered him more than 300 negative comments.  His pleasure was made clear in his comments this morning.

“It was absolutely delicious,” he wrote at one point in his meandering prose this morning.  “The hatred cast at me yesterday will feed me until March.  Every year it gets more delicious.  Geoff Baker like.”



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