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HOF President Says Latest Results Show Commitment To Integrity – Ghost of Ty Cobb Laughs His Ass Off Thursday, January 6, 2011

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Photo courtesy of San Diego HOC

The votes are in: Bert Blyleven and Roberto Alomar are in and Mark McGuire and Raphael Palmeiro, among others, are not.

More interesting than the steroid debate instilled in this controversy is the reaction of Cooperstown President Jeff Idelson in a recent interview with Sports Illustrated’s Joe Posnanski.

“There’s a certain integrity required when it comes to baseball’s highest honor…,” he said.  “The character clause exists as it relates to the game on the field. The character clause isn’t there to evaluate and judge players socially. It’s there to relate to the game on the field.”

The character clause to which he’s referring is part of the directive to the voters instructing them to base their vote “upon the player’s record, playing ability, integrity, sportsmanship, character and contribution to the team(s) on which the player played.”

And as for evaluating players as they played the game “on the field,” no one knows the high the standards of the Hall of Fame better than Ty Cobb.

One of the most notorious players in the history of the game, Cobb was elected almost unanimously in the very first Hall of Fame election in 1936.

“I was a son of a bitch,” the ghost of Ty Cobb said in an interview this afternoon.  “Anybody who says different wasn’t paying attention.”

In truth, Cobb’s list of criminal acts is long, and many do involve how he played the game on the field.

“I stabbed and choked [African Americans], spiked people every chance I got, cursed, drank… Heck, I even bet on baseball.  Never got caught though,” Cobb’s ghost said.

Ty Cobb’s ghost, who says he was present in the room when Idelson gave the interview, believes integrity doesn’t mean anything when you’re a great baseball player.

“You don’t think Bonds will get in?” he asked.  “You’re all idiots.  I was one of the biggest bastards to ever play the game, and I beat out even the ‘Great Bambino’ in that first election.  Vitamins [steroids] ain’t immoral.  If he’s smart, he’ll pay off the press.”

Rarely interviewed, the ghost of Ty Cobb said he plans on attending the Hall of Fame ceremony this summer if he can get time off from the pits of hell in which he plans to burn for all eternity.



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